re: Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.11 Proof of Concept Installation and Configuration using Windows Server 2016 and NVIDIA GRID K2 GPU Cards!


re: Citrix XenDesktop Essentials – all facts listed!

$12 XenApp ess + $7 RDS
$12 xenDesktop ess
25Gbps pack $12
netscaler $free
Azure AD $free
HDX RTO pack
no WES
no Profile Management
no Print Server
no PVS
Microsoft 365 Business $20
Office 365 Business Essentials $6
Azure stuff $????

1) Which is the best option?
XenApp ess + office 365 ess ($25) *25 = $625 per month + Azure stuff = $?????
xenDesktop ess + Microsoft 365 bus ($32) *25 = $800 per month + Azure stuff = $?????

2) How to find cost of Azure stuff?

3) No pool desktop (xenDesktop ess)?

4) What other cost will I have to pay?



re: CAA Mandated by CA/Browser Forum

Why do they make the web/browser so complicated?
I know that CA is a multi-$$$$ business, and no one wants’ to give it up.

It would be easier to give the security to the domain owner or the domain registrar.
So the browser don’t have to be setting rules how the net should work, nor anyone else.
– i have a software that use openSSL and generate a (RSA/EC/etc..) key pair (private & public).
– the software save the private key, and does not display it, it store it in hardware or software.
– the software display the public key, & save it to a file public.key
– the domain owner create a HPKP dns record with the public key.
– then use the software to create certificate with the private key, but only for the domains with the public key in the dns record.

Then all the browser has to do a dns lookup on the website domain name for the public key to decode the certificate. the browser will then open an encrypted cache file, and save the website domain name, a hash of the certificate & hash of the public key, with a time to live value of 3 hrs (so as to check if the public key has changed).