re: On-Prem is Dead. Long Live On-Prem!


Has anyone seen any report of business moving to the cloud, then has to move back to on-prem after a while?

1. What is going to happen to windows 10? eg: you buy a business laptop (say $1,100), it comes with windows 10 pro, you use that laptop for 5 to 6 years, when will you stop updating? How will MS make any money from you in that 5-6 years.

(yes i have 10 year old laptop with windows xp sp3 running fine. Gotta love those recovery disc)

2. The same problem with Office you buy in the store/online-shop.

The only way MS can suck money out of you is to change to a software as a service. if you don’t pay, you don’t get service.

– office solution is call Office 365. Once you start you can’t stop. I have not read any article or blog that hint that any user has ever close their account.

– what is windows solution call ?

3. The same goes for Citrix, if on prem customers are happy, why would they upgrade? no upgrade means no money for Citrix.

– but with a “as service” bill, money will come if they need the service, that is.


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