Cool new things for Hyper-V on Windows 10


“Changes in memory allocation”
from the information in this blog about the memory, this might be why AppSense have change or disable their memory optimizer,
It was a very good solution to a windows problem. I have ask for a feature just like this from Windows 2000 Pro days, with windows terminal server, plus other features that I have not seen yet, for example:
1) How can you limit each user in Terminal Server a set of reassures (eg 2vCPU 8GBvRAM 400vIOPs 500MBvNIC)
2) How can you limit IE, Outlook, etc.. in each user session, don’t eat away the TS reassures ( solution: appsense-performance-manager)
3) If a user using TS gateway & webAccess, login to a different system, all the apps that are open by that user will appear on that system screen, as to say the apps follower him/her to that computer.
4) Auto-Inline-Defrag & Dedup & Compression – I hope RFS can fix these issues or add these features.
5) Minimize the amount of IOPs Windows Server & Desktop need – is trying to fix this problem with 3 product (Diskeeper, SSDkeeper, V-Locity)
6) Memeory dedup & compression – I once say a blog that this will be in windows 10, not sure about server 2016.
From what I see AppSense & condusiv is doing most if not all of the things that windows itself should have had from day one.
Just hope Microsoft can add all these features to Windows 10 & Server 2016 .