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Improving Logon Time with PVS Accelerator






“Changes in memory allocation”
from the information in this blog about the memory, this might be why AppSense have change or disable their memory optimizer,
It was a very good solution to a windows problem. I have ask for a feature just like this from Windows 2000 Pro days, with windows terminal server, plus other features that I have not seen yet, for example:
1) How can you limit each user in Terminal Server a set of reassures (eg 2vCPU 8GBvRAM 400vIOPs 500MBvNIC)
2) How can you limit IE, Outlook, etc.. in each user session, don’t eat away the TS reassures ( solution: appsense-performance-manager)
3) If a user using TS gateway & webAccess, login to a different system, all the apps that are open by that user will appear on that system screen, as to say the apps follower him/her to that computer.
4) Auto-Inline-Defrag & Dedup & Compression – I hope RFS can fix these issues or add these features.
5) Minimize the amount of IOPs Windows Server & Desktop need –
http://www.condusiv.com/ is trying to fix this problem with 3 product (Diskeeper, SSDkeeper, V-Locity)
6) Memeory dedup & compression – I once say a blog that this will be in windows 10, not sure about server 2016.
From what I see AppSense & condusiv is doing most if not all of the things that windows itself should have had from day one.
Just hope Microsoft can add all these features to Windows 10 & Server 2016 .

NSX Article

VMware NSX 6.2 Beginners Guide – From Zero to Full Deployment for Labs



Nice article, best on the net (including youtube), i have seen so far.

VMware have made NSX too complicated, but then again all VMware stuff are like addons to esxi.
They need to rethink NSX from a ‘core’ respect, meaning how much of NSX can be embedded into esxi, can they make the code smaller/lighter/faster, remove old code, consolidate stuff that does the same fuction (eg: vswitch & dswitch).
We have vSwitch, dSwitch, and now nsx-Switch, which switch will they add next.

NSX Manager – this looks like the central hub for all networking information (this should be part of vCenter).

NSX Controller – This keeps the network traffic within the local esxi host, but uses VTEP to send traffic to another host, doing so limits the traffic on your physical switches (this tech would be nice if embedded in esxi with the VTEP, also have the option of adding a virtual one).

NSX Edge – this looks like a simple router (maybe add it to the contoller or embed it into esxi).

While reading this i keep thinking about AWS-VPC, with subnets and security group. If VMware can get NSX as simple as that, then they would not be able to sell esxi/vshere/vcenter without NSX, it would be the de-factor for anything networking in ESXI.

Thanks again.

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